Our Team

Steve Yen

Founder & CEO
Steve Yen Valiant Services

Steve Yen is an experienced executive with a unique blend of professional and life experiences. Steve was educated as a BBA (Finance) with graduate-level coursework at business schools in the United States, England, and Germany. Before graduating from high school, Steve had already completed internships at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and an investment bank.

Steve chose to pursue a career within Finance but put that on hold after graduating from college because of the 9/11/01 attacks. Steve volunteered to take the fight to the enemy and became an Army Captain with the 101st Airborne. After deployments into the height of the Iraq War, Steve successfully returned to his private-sector career. Steve’s acumen is built upon functional experience within Finance, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Consulting.

Christopher Kurinec

Chief Operating Officer
Christopher Kurinec

Christopher Kurinec combines his experience as a Command Sergeant Major in Special Operations with years of performance enhancement and organizational consulting experience in the private-sector.

The training methodology used by Christopher has been successful both in training Law Enforcement and SWAT units as well as in the energy sector while coaching performance improvement to the crews of drilling rigs and members of drilling services companies. In addition, it has proven successful in competency assurance services at the corporate-level while working with the BP Alaska Wells Group.

Mr. Kurinec served 25-years on active duty in the U.S. Army, with leadership experience in Infantry and Special Operations units. He was awarded the Silver Star along with two other awards for Valor, received three Purple Hearts, and was the first recipient of the USSOCOM Dick Meadows Award for Heroism.