Anti / Counter-Drone Site Services

Certain infrastructure, operations, and events must mitigate the risk presented by drones. The prevalence and capabilities of consumer drones has increased to concerning levels. There have been numerous “near-miss” events in the U.S. and these systems are being used with deadly consequence by terrorists on the battlefields of Iraq and Syria today. This trend has recently proliferated to other regions of the world. Whether the pilot is a reckless fool, a terrorist or deranged, practical organizations will mitigate this threat proactively. An additional benefit of these services is the built-in bird mitigation that is typically another cost incurred by organizations in maintaining their buildings and infrastructure.

Site Services: Biotechnological platforms deployed with team of real world experts to integrate with existing security infrastructure and law enforcement. 5-Day to 365 site service; targeted or 24/7 capability.

Program Development: The development of biotechnological platforms and training for client personnel on how to use the tools.